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YourBionical™ App.

To support our service functions, we have developed a system which provides our clients with the ability to manage individual projects and product orders in the form of an easy to use web-based application, YourBionical™.

Through experience and collaboration with our clients, we created the tailored YourBionical™ system to suit your needs. Whether you need to streamline an end-to-end clinical drug supply from pre-clinical to Phase IV, or transform your sourcing and supply of ancillary products, YourBionical™ challenges the norm of project management to your benefit.

The YourBionical™’s user-friendly interface allows you to follow each project both on the web-based desktop system, and the YourBionical™ App. The App, compatible with any Apple or Android device, allows 24/7 live access to track projects, deliveries and updates on-the-go.

How can we support you?

Our dedicated teams of experts are on hand to help should you require any additional resource or further information about our services.

COVID-19 Guidance & Measures

A statement from the Bionical Emas Group on guidance & measures regarding COVID-19 - read here

In relation to staff and visitor safety, we have full risk assessments in place for all of our workplaces. These risk assessments are revisited and updated regularly, to reflect changing risks, knowledge and circumstances, and to reflect evolving Government guidance. We have not placed the risk assessments here on the website as they would become out of date too quickly. However, you are welcome to email info@bionical-emas.com to request access to our most up to date risk assessments applicable to your needs. Please note that all our staff are notified of all applicable risk assessments and updates, along with ‘quick guides’ automatically via our e-learning system.