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My first experience within the CRO industry was a summer internship as a Clinical Project Associate at Bionical Emas during my third year of university. I studied Biological Sciences with Immunology at the University of Edinburgh and this exposure to the industry during my studies was invaluable. At university, career events always centred around laboratory research or further education. I knew that I would not thrive in either of these environments but was not guided towards another career path. Working for a CRO is the perfect career for someone who wishes to be involved with drug development, in order to make a difference to patient’s lives, but who does not wish to be behind the microscope in the lab.

My summer internship gave me insight into the day to day workings of a clinical trial, and I was entrusted to work hard to help my project team meet targets. My main task during my internship involved working on the electronic filing system (eTMF) and completing a quality check on documents that had been submitted. As I was only working for three months, by being involved in this task I was exposed to a huge range of study documents and was able to build a fuller picture of what a trial can entail. This invaluable experience within the industry helped me to further understand the world of clinical trials and I knew that this was the career I wanted coming out of university. Everyone at Bionical Emas is so welcoming and encourages you to be conscientious to help aid your development and your understanding of the business. After graduating I came back to Bionical Emas to work full-time as a Clinical Project Associate and I have enjoyed working here ever since.

Post-internship I have been exposed to a huge number of different aspects of a trial. As the Project Associate you a core member of the study team, and you are there to support your project lead in all tasks. Some examples of the tasks I have been entrusted with over the last two years include: working with the project lead on submissions to the Ethics Committees; preparing site files; vendor and sample management and invoice reconciliation. As a team we work collectively to ensure all tasks are completed to the highest standard and ensure we go above and beyond for our clients, and as the Project Associate you are central to this process and are involved in every step of the way.


COVID-19 Guidance & Measures

A statement from the Bionical Emas Group on guidance & measures regarding COVID-19 - read here

In relation to staff and visitor safety, we have full risk assessments in place for all of our workplaces. These risk assessments are revisited and updated regularly, to reflect changing risks, knowledge and circumstances, and to reflect evolving Government guidance. We have not placed the risk assessments here on the website as they would become out of date too quickly. However, you are welcome to email info@bionical-emas.com to request access to our most up to date risk assessments applicable to your needs. Please note that all our staff are notified of all applicable risk assessments and updates, along with ‘quick guides’ automatically via our e-learning system.