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In July 2020, I joined the Bionical Emas Commercial Clinical Operations team as a summer intern, before my final year of university. I found this experience to be invaluable in terms of my career development, because until recently, I feel like my knowledge of non-research-based career opportunities was somewhat narrow. Working for a CRO has allowed me to gain experience where I combined my interest in science and drug development, with more commercial and project management-focused aspects.

During my 2 months at Bionical Emas, I was exposed to a range of activities that have given me a great insight to the industry. I was able to sit in on a number of proposal development meetings, strategy calls, business development and costing meetings that allowed me to gain a better understanding of the different areas that make up a CRO and some of the challenges that they face on the commercial side. As I became more confident with the proposal drafting process, I was able to contribute by supporting the team with feasibility and reviewing tasks, as well as having the opportunity to test out the costing model used to create the budget. I really enjoyed being able to see how a proposal came together from beginning to end, and even had the chance to observe a bid defence meeting.

Whilst I was only at the company for a short period of time, I felt very lucky as everyone was so encouraging and immediately made me feel like a valued member of the team. In particular, I was entrusted to work independently on the inside sales opportunities, to further business development. This helped me to become more familiar with Bionical Emas’ expertise and better understand the areas of focus for new opportunities, as well as provided me with the opportunity to use software like Citeline.

I thoroughly enjoyed my internship at Bionical Emas and I am very grateful for the huge effort that went in to ensure I got as much as I could from it, especially considering the unusual COVID-19 circumstances.


COVID-19 Guidance & Measures

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