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Life at Bionical Emas.

I first started my journey at Bionical Emas in September 2016 as a Clinical Project Associate (CPA) intern. This year-long internship was completed as part of my undergraduate degree placement and was the first time I was exposed to working within this industry. It allowed me to take the knowledge I accumulated during lectures and apply it to real-world experience, providing opportunities to enhance my skills and develop a deeper understanding of the clinical trial management process. The experience I gained during my internship was invaluable as it prepared me for what to expect working within this field. I was very fortunate to work alongside a team of experienced individuals who were extremely welcoming and answered my endless questions with patience and obvious passion for their work. I was immediately made to feel like an integral part of the Bionical Emas team.

As my internship progressed, the colleagues I worked alongside instilled confidence in me and my abilities. I was tasked with filing and tracking study documents within our eTMF and ADAMs systems, tracking regulatory and ethics submissions and providing project lead support on multiple clinical studies, whilst completing both industry and project specific training courses. I finished my internship fully confident that this was an industry I could see myself thriving in. After graduating I was offered a permanent role as a Clinical Project Associate within the Bionical Emas clinical team – an opportunity I jumped at, thrilled to be working with such a great team once more.

Since then, my role as a CPA has been evolving as I gain more experience and responsibility across multiple projects. Whilst working at Bionical Emas I have been exposed to not only the clinical trial management process from study start up through to close out, but I have also gained thorough experience in the regulatory and ethics submission processes for countries across the EU. I will forever be grateful for the time and effort Bionical Emas has invested into my development from the start of my internship as a university student with no previous experience in this field, to the working professional I am today.


COVID-19 Guidance & Measures

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In relation to staff and visitor safety, we have full risk assessments in place for all of our workplaces. These risk assessments are revisited and updated regularly, to reflect changing risks, knowledge and circumstances, and to reflect evolving Government guidance. We have not placed the risk assessments here on the website as they would become out of date too quickly. However, you are welcome to email info@bionical-emas.com to request access to our most up to date risk assessments applicable to your needs. Please note that all our staff are notified of all applicable risk assessments and updates, along with ‘quick guides’ automatically via our e-learning system.