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Spotlight on… Behrad Behmardi, IT Business Partner.

  • Published 29/07/2021
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Behrad Behmardi is the Bionical Emas IT Business Partner and has been with the organisation since 2019. He has worked within the IT industry for over 15 years and his vision for Bionical Emas is to have an IT department that will facilitate and contribute to business growth via technology.

The core functionality of Bionical Emas IT is to provide an outstanding service that allows the business to continue providing innovative solutions to their clients. The goal is to become a true partner to the organisation that can help the business to differentiate via technology.
The services being provided by IT vary from day to day, starting with supporting employees in their everyday IT needs, all the way through to digital transformation that allows the business to look at providing services using cutting edge technology. In the past year, the IT team have delivered over 20 different projects ranging from setting up new locations, all the way to implementing Business Central across all different business units and regions.

In the past two years Bionical Emas has made significant investment into IT infrastructure and IT security. The main strategy for infrastructure has been to create an environment that embraces hybrid working that will support our employees from any location while being secure. We have a hybrid infrastructure which has provided Bionical Emas with the flexibility in servicing clients in any region while being compliant to local regulations. We have defined a clear roadmap when it comes to cyber security, using some of the market leading technologies. The goal is to protect Bionical Emas assets while giving the employees flexibility in doing their jobs. One of many major achievements has been the certification by the British government on Cyber Essentials for the past two years.

We have defined a clear digital strategy for the business that is defined by two pillars, pillar one being Digital Optimisation and pillar two, Digital Transformation. Digital Optimisation is all around internal business processes and looking at technology like artificial intelligence, robotic process automation (RPA) to automate business processes across finance, quality, and logistics.

We have multiple workstreams running in parallel that are driving Bionical Emas Digital Transformation and are making major investment into advanced analytics that will give the business the right infrastructure to become data driven. Being able to analyse data from different sources very quickly, helping with visualisation of data, looking for patterns in data and finally helping with decision making internally and externally.

We are also investing in artificial technology and machine learning technologies for our distribution centres that will ultimately improve and streamline our processes and provide alternative solutions. As well as the technological advances that we are making being paramount to deliver the best service for our clients, we also hope to significantly reduce the amount of paper being used across the organisation, therefore helping our carbon footprint.

Behrad tells us what excites him about working at Bionical Emas ‘It’s the agility of the business, the investment in individuals and the culture that the business has, everyone is here to support each other and work together, everyone is working towards the same vision, which fundamentally is to help patients live longer. Knowing that what we do here is helping patients globally really motivates me every day and knowing what we do in IT is contributing to this, is a huge plus.’

Behrad loves watching films and is a true geek at heart so Sci-Fi movies are a must! He loves taking part in pub quizzes but admits he is really bad at them! He and his family enjoy traveling to see different countries, cities, and cultures but it is not always easy with 3 children in the mix!

For more information about Bionical Emas, or to reach out to Behrad and the IT Team, please email info@bionical-emas.com.

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