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Spotlight on… Clinical Trial Supply (CTS).

  • Published 24/11/2021
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The Clinical Trial Supply (CTS) team at Bionical Emas are dedicated and passionate individuals, providing unrivalled global access to medicines and ancillaries for use in Clinical Trials. They provide a customised end-to-end supply solution for their clients, using a global network of manufacturers and authorised distributors.

The team are comprised of ten Account Managers with a combined industry experience of 60+ years. Stemming from a variety of different backgrounds, each member of the team holds their own area of expertise. Working in synergy means they can share and build upon each other’s knowledge base to enable them to offer the best service possible to their clients. Everything they do is strategically designed with the ultimate purpose of pioneering the way life-changing medicines are developed and accessed for patients around the world.

Even though the primary focus of CTS is the sourcing of commercial medicines (including comparator, co-meds, and ancillaries) for use in clinical development programs, the CTS team go above and beyond that by assisting clients with product forecasting, packaging, and labelling and site distribution services.

Each client has a dedicated member of the Project Management team assigned to them, who will provide a tailored and robust clinical supply strategy to ensure continuity and reliability of supply throughout the study.

The team are excited by the recent opening of their Warehouse and Distribution Centre in New Jersey, US, and the upcoming opening of their European Logistics Hub in Kilbeggan, Ireland. These distribution centres provide a major expansion to the existing logistics and storage capabilities allowing them to seamlessly deliver products globally. The introduction of secondary packaging and labelling services in these facilities further enhances the CTS team’s end-to-end service offering.

To find out more about Bionical Emas, our Clinical Trial Supply services, or to speak to a member of the Team directly, please email info@bionical-emas.com.

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