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Real World Evidence

Our solutions are designed with current and future patients in mind.

Insights across the product lifecycle

Real World Data (RWD) routinely collected on patient health and/or the delivery of care from sources other than clinical trials continues to play an increasing role in healthcare decision-making. The analysis of RWD provides an opportunity to generate Real World Evidence (RWE) capable of supplementary insights on the usage, potential benefits/risks and value proposition of medicinal products and medical devices.

‘The analysis of Real World Data provides an opportunity to generate Real World Evidence.’

Case studies

Global Oncology Phase 3 Rescue Study

Appointed to rescue a full-service, global, randomized Phase 3 oncology trial from a CRO failing to meet a biotechnology client’s expectations regarding enrollment and cost.

Case Studies

Global EAP for a specialized biotech company

Requirement for a global EAP of a rare disease on behalf of a US biotech partner.

Case Studies

European EAP with tailored RWD strategy

Rapid set-up of EAP for a rare oncology product.

Case Studies