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The Patient Voice Podcast - Episode 1: Co-creating a clinical trial

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This episode of The Patient Voice discusses the importance of collaboration when designing a clinical trial and how the early engagement of all stakeholders is critical to long-term success. Hear from those actively involved in this process on how they’re achieving exactly that for a rare genetic condition. Our host, Naomi Litchfield – Director of Patient Advocacy, Bionical Emas, is joined by Shelly Meitzler – Director of Community Support & Outreach; Lisa Moore-Ramdin – Senior Director, Global Medical Affairs Lead; Pooja Takhar – Joint Chief Executive; and Sue Zanker – Medical Affairs Operations Director, Bionical Emas.


A patient-centered approach to clinical development puts patients, families, and caregivers first. This ensures their needs, preferences, and perspectives are at the heart of the process of bringing life-changing investigational medicines to current and future patients. For clinical development to be truly patient-centered, words need to be put into action. We must collectively recognize that patient-centricity cannot be achieved by just one approach or one voice.

Hosted by Bionical Emas, ‘The Patient Voice’ brings together stakeholders from across the clinical development space – from industry experts, patient advocacy organizations, and healthcare professionals to patients, families, and caregivers – as they share their experiences and insights. Discussing barriers and challenges, solutions, and strategies, we explore how patient voices can be embedded in all stages of the ever-evolving clinical development process.

As a Contract Research Organization working across the clinical development pipeline, from early clinical research to post-trial and early access provision, Bionical Emas believes co-creation with the patient community and a patient and family-focused collaboration between all stakeholders is vital to the drug development process.

Join us on this journey to collaborative clinical development and listen to insightful conversations from pioneers in this space.

This podcast is strictly for informational purposes only and should not be considered to form any form of advice, including but not limited to medical advice. The opinions expressed in this podcast are those of Bionical Emas’s guests.


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